Friday, 11 March 2011

Yelle - Safari Disco Club Review

If Yelle were jumping rope on their 2007 Pop-Up, Safari Disco Club is when they come back bloody-kneed. Less bouncy than their debut, the three-piece’s sophomore effort takes the party into darker, more emotive territory. The synths by turns recall the swooshy warmth of fellow Gallic knob-twiddlers Air, before going all glacial Twilight Zone on us. The sad, sweet C’est Pas Une Vie hand-claps and bleeps its way through winsome vulnerability, while Mon Pays is a riff on the age-old ‘love you or leave you?’ dilemma, rendered in the coldest of Italo beats. It’s not quite The Party’s Over, but Safari Disco Club is crammed full of melodies to get stuck in your head and your heart.


This review appears in the April issue of Attitude, on sale now.

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