Tuesday, 12 July 2011

You can be in Mel Merio's new video, if you like

"I'm so tired, I didn't go to bed till 6!' Viennese pop star Mel Merio exclaimed when I met her at her London show earlier this year. Oh, raving till the early hours? In fact, no. "My housemates were having a party and they kept me up - I just wanted to go to sleep!"

Not that you'd assume such a homebody from her music. Her first single 'Lovemore' was a sublime slice of Roisin Murphy-esque glacial Italo, and now Mel returns with a collaborative video project for her new single 'What's The Big Deal'.

01 What's The Big Deal (Original) by Sainted PR

“We want to give you the possibility to present yourself in this video," says Mel. "You’ll need to sing along or lip synch, but also feel free to write your stage-name, website, slogans or whatever you want on a poster, your clothes or even on your body."

If you want to join the likes of confirmed contributors Amanda Lepore and Peaches in the video, here's what you need to do:

1) Film yourself in hi-res singing along to 'What's the Big Deal'. The lyrics are here.
2) upload the whole, uncompressed file to Sendspace
3) Set the recipient's email to mel@melmerio.com


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